Custom License Plates in Texas - Everything You Need to Know


Want to make your vehicle unique and personal? A custom license plate in Texas might be the perfect solution! This guide covers all you need to know about obtaining your very own Texas personalized license plate.

Types of Custom License Plates

Custom license plates in Texas come in various types to suit different preferences. Whether it's supporting your favorite cause, representing your alma mater, or simply showcasing your creativity, there's an option for you:

  • Personalized License Plates
  • Specialty License Plates
  • Collegiate License Plates
  • Military License Plates

Obtaining a Custom License Plate

The process of getting a custom license plate in Texas is straightforward. You can apply online, by mail, or in person. The application includes selecting your desired plate type, providing the custom letter/number configuration, and paying the applicable fees.

Rules and Restrictions

While custom license plates allow you to showcase your individuality, there are certain rules and restrictions. These include limits on the number of characters, prohibited content, and the requirement for clarity and legibility.

Custom license plates can be a fun and unique way to customize your vehicle. With a wide range of options and a straightforward application process, it's easy to make your vehicle stand out on the Texas roads. Start your journey to personalization with your very own Texas custom license plate.