Temporary Tags in Texas - Everything You Need to Know


Temporary tags or permits in Texas are essential for legally driving a newly purchased vehicle before it's registered. This guide covers everything you need to know about Texas temporary tags.

Why Do You Need Temporary Tags?

In Texas, you need a temporary tag to drive your vehicle legally while waiting for your registration or permanent license plate. It allows law enforcement officers to identify your vehicle.

How to Get Temporary Tags

Temporary tags are typically issued by the dealer or private seller at the point of sale. The issuer will need your valid ID, proof of insurance, and complete a vehicle title application.

Temporary Tags Regulations in Texas

Texas temporary tags are valid for 30 days, and it's illegal to drive without one if your vehicle is not yet registered. Once your permanent license plate arrives, the temporary tag must be removed.

Navigating the process of obtaining and using temporary tags in Texas can be simple and straightforward when you know what to do. Be sure to follow the regulations to avoid potential issues on the road.